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  • The Tri-Bolt product offers style and finesse while offering both security and stability to an exterior door installation.

    Tri-Bolt is an exceptional idea conceived in the field from necessity, fostered by curiosity, and delivered as a product that can add great value to homeowners with minimal cost.

    As the owner of a business which requires me to travel frequently I had always been very concerned about leaving my wife alone, but since having the Tri-bolt lock installed in all of our exterior doors I now leave with the secure feeling that it is virtually impossible for unwanted visitors to enter our home.

  • The Tri-Bolt is one of the most innovative products I've seen thus far in the door market.

    As a builder, I thrive to ensure the safety of all entry parts in my houses. I was so impressed with this product that I immediately had all of the doors of my personal home retro fitted with Tri-Bolt, and I can personally say it gives our family the piece of mind that we have extra security.

    It is this type of progressive, forward thinking and continuous improvement that sets the Tri-Bolt apart from others in the industry.

    For piece of mind and security, I will have Tri- Bolts installed on my upcoming home that I am building.

  • We are delighted with our decision to have Tri-bolts installed at both our home and business. They have given us an added layer of protection against possible intruders or damage due to stormy weather. We found Tri-bolts to be a practical convenient and very affordable way to make a dramatic difference in our sense of security.

    After my residence was burglarized I did not feel safe in my own home. I heard about the Tri- Bolt Security Lock from my friend, Mike Cennamo, and had one installed in my front door and one in my back French doors.

    Not only do these bolts give me peace of security but I got to choose the hardware, which is offered in various finishes, to match my décor.

  • As a frequent business traveler, I feel much more at ease while on the road knowing that my wife is protected by the security of the Tri-bolt on our exterior doors. The bolt not only provides our home with that comforting security but it’s stylish and decorative design make it an upgrade to any home.

    I would recommend the Tri-bolt to anyone looking for added security to their exterior doors and I could not be happier with this product!!

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